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What are you doing on NewYear’s Eve? This might possibly be the one question we are all asked most often right now, and it also happens to be the current most frequently asked question among TBS Crew members. We will be scattered all over the planet, literally, so we will not spend the last night of 2016 all together — but we still decided to celebrate the coming new year together, raising our glasses for a 2017 filled with enthusiasm. This is why we treated ourselves to a special version of TBS Taste with our friends from TOM, who invited us over to taste a special preview of their New Year’s Eve menu. Needless to say, our meal was top notch, featuring oyster ceviche, a spectacular clam and truffle risotto, two mains and an irresistible chocolate mousse with hazelnut crumble, which was so good it created a minor riot at the table. All of this was accompanied by plenty of bubbles, of course! Are you ready to pop into an explosive New Year? We can’t wait for 2017 to start, and we can hardly wait to share our plans with you. Happy New Year from TBS Crew!

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