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Finding a burger place in a large city like Milan is not that hard a mission — it’s finding a good burger joint that’s not so easy. We came across Morso Burger in the best way possible, by word of mouth: this place was recommended to us by a reliable friend. Morso was started by a young couple, Fabio and Erika, who are passionate for food, and it was this passion that encouraged them to open this space that is bound to become very important for this part of town, we are sure. A hungry, curious gang of TBS Crew members invaded Morso on Monday to check it out, and was welcomed very openly and kindly by the owners. Our idea was to go together to test all sorts of burgers: some of us ordered meat, some ordered fish and some others went for veggie burgers — and of course, we didn’t miss out on fries and onion rings! It goes without saying, it was all delicious, so much so that we realized at one point that we had gotten carried away when we ordered, that we would never be able to finish everything up… And that was how we ended up taking everything back to the office in a doggie bag. Needless to say, ten minutes after we were back… Everything was gone!




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