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The most romantic night of the year is coming, and like every February 14, millions of lovers are getting ready to celebrate their day. Some will surprise their fiancé with a great gift, others will prepare a romantic, candle-lit dinner, while yet others will choose the most romantic restaurant for this sweet occasion. The aim is to impress, strike and surprise at every cost! We are here to make this difficult task a little easier for you, of course. In our gallery, we collected the restaurants where we would like to dine on this special day dedicated to love. Don’t worry about the money, just choose the one you like best, and without further ado, make a reservation!

Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur, India
This splendid restaurant features an open-air terrace from October to March — Valentine’s Day will fit right in the schedule. Sheesh Mahal, housed inside Udaipur’s Leela Palace, offers its guests the chance to dine under the stars, with a view on the Pichola lake. Candlelight and some Indian ceremonies will make your night even more unforgettable.

Nautika Restaurant, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Can you think of anything more romantic than dining in the middle of the sea? This Croatian restaurant gives you the chance to do just that, spending the evening with your beloved sitting at a table with a view on the Adriatic Sea, and on one of the most ancient fortresses of the city. The chef will treat you to excellent Mediterranean food. (Vince, attenzione che nell’italiano hai scritto Croatia con la T!)

Le Sponda, Amalfi, Italy
This place sits among the rocks of the Amalfi coast like the true gem that it is. The dining room is as romantic as it gets: over 400 candles, walls covered in climbing roses and a large window, opening on the wide horizon. The menu has something for everyone, and it will make both fish and meat lovers happy. We really recommend seafood in fresh lemon juice — local ones from the costiera, of course!

The Cliff at Cap Restaurant, St. Lucia, Caribbean
Its location on a tiny, and yet untouched Caribbean island would be enough to make it worth a dinner. We must say, though, that their food was beyond expectation, and on top of being very high-quality food, it offers a wide range of cuisines, offering Thai, Indian, Chinese, sushi, Italian and French. They also have a special spot for couples, a small terrace right on the water!

La Pergola, Rome Cavaliere, Italy
A starred dinner is expecting you in this restaurant, housed within one of the most beautiful and prestigious hotels in Rome. Chef Heinz Beck will delight your palate with a special menu, and Rome will be a beautiful frame, with its magical sky, and your very own star. Yes, really: on Valentine’s Day, you will be able to buy a star and name it after yourself, or your lover. And after dinner, get ready to admire spectacular fireworks, with the beauty of Rome as the backdrop. It really doesn’t get more romantic than this!

Lapérouse, Paris, France
Choosing the most romantic restaurant in Paris is one of the most difficult tasks we can think of, since Paris is the city of love. We picked Lapérouse, a place with a very intimate feel to it, and a very French design. Imagine having dinner in a 17th-century building, in a small room with ancient red walls. The perfect location, in the perfect city!

Le Jules Verne, Paris, France
Ok, fine, we know. We couldn’t limit ourselves to just one place in Paris for our list, so here is the place you need if you want to spend an incredible evening, or if you are looking for the right spot to propose — or to be proposed to! — with the city of lights at your feet. You will be on the third floor of the Eiffel Tower, where Le Jules Verne will be treating you to contemporary French cuisine, based on a selection of excellent products from the whole country. Expect an enveloping, sweet atmosphere for your night.

Bob Bob Ricard, London, UK
The British capital responded to our roll call with an outstanding, super-romantic restaurant. The restaurant is tastefully furnished, with gold details and retro sofas dominating the scene. Their menu is perfect for the restaurant’s design: high-quality dishes from the Russian and English culinary traditions. If you want to spice up your evening, reach for the “press for champagne” button, to immediately get the magical bubbles you want.

Milk & Roses, New York , USA
New York obviously also has its own romantic jewel, where couples can go spend an intimate, special dinner. A small table and this place’s retro ambiance will be the right ingredients for this magical day. The restaurant also features a special Valentine’s Day menu for you to discover the chef’s prowess. After dinner, we suggest a walk across the alluring Brooklyn Bridge, a stone’s throw from the restaurant.

Felix Lo Basso, Milan, Italy
Anyone who says Milan is not a romantic city clearly never had candlelit dinner with a view on the Duomo, Milan’s cathedral. This recently opened restaurant already earned its first Michelin star thanks to chef Felice Lo Basso’s flair, which drove him to come up with a complex, intense menu that still remains easy to appreciate, preserving the connection to the riches of Italian cuisine. The location is part of the magic: a terrace overlooking piazza Duomo, and a room with an intimate feel, and large, oval windows that will allow you to admire the brightly lit spires, while toasting to love.

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