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Chocolate, cream or fruit? While temperatures finally rise, the craving for ice-cream is back and we can only surrender! But, what are the best ice-cream parlors in Milan? As usual, it depends on one’s tastes. We’ll share our favorite spots in town; where to find special flavors and unique delicacies that should absolutely be tasted. Is your mouth watering yet?

Il Massimo del gelato. Are you ice-cream lovers? Offering plenty of varieties, from spicy to gold leaf cocoa, this is definitely the place for you.
Address: via Ludovico Castelvetro, 18
TBS ♥ Try the 100% dark chocolate. A mystic experience!

Gelato Giusto. Top-quality ingredients, no preservatives or food colorings, fruit flavors that vary based on the season.
Address: via San Gregorio, 17
TBS ♥ Pistachio and almond are a must-try.

La Gelateria della Musica. It surely is a bit off the beaten track, but for an ice-cream lover is an essential destination. The same goes for music lovers; every flavor in fact is inspired to music!
Address: via Pestalozzi, 4
TBS ♥ Our cone must have a scoop of Pestalozzi Cream:)

La Bottega del gelato. Since 1964, this town’s landmark offers the real traditional homemade ice-cream to its customers. Rigorously served in a cup.
Address: via Pergolesi, 3
TBS ♥ Fruit lovers will find their paradise here; with every flavor ranging from the
tropical to the more traditional ones.

Cioccolati Italiani. Located a few steps from the Duomo, this place stands out not only for its flavors, but also for the particularly tasty cone that is filled with dark, white or milk chocolate.
Address: via San Raffaele, 6
TBS ♥ You must indulge in the melted dark chocolate cone even just once a month.

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    Officine del Gelato – Viale Montenero, 46: simply spectacular!!!

    Reply to Santastico
  • Yes yes yes, gelateria della musica!! There’s another one a bit more central, Via Privata Giuseppe Abamonti, it’s only about 10 minute walk from Corso Buenos Aires (and even better, it’s always pretty empty!) I love it so much and can’t resist going every time I’m in the city, cioccolato al sale and the various types of pistacchio are my favourites! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua

    Reply to Lucy @ La Lingua
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