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When we have a date or when we want to impress a guest, our main worry usually is: so  where do I take them out to eat now? This thought is usually follow by a crazy search for the most beautiful, the best, the most romantic or the most delicious restaurant. But, has anyone ever thought of looking for a wacky restaurant? It could definitely be a good way to impress your date! You will find all sorts of crazy restaurants in our guide: from dinner with the dead, to dinner in jail. As you can see, Asians are unbeatable for creativity and genius. Your choice now!

Eternity (Truskavets, Ukraine). THEME: funeral
Yes, you got that. This is a funeral-themed restaurant, and the owners are former undertakers. The place has no windows, and you will be having dinner “merrily” surrounded by flower wreaths and wooden coffins. The dishes on the menu also have very odd names, such as “See you in paradise”, for instance. Well… This idea is as genius as it is unsettling!

Safe House (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). THEME: dungeons
This place works very simply: you only get in if you know the codeword. That is the only way to get in easily — otherwise, security staff will make you go through all sorts of impossible, embarrassing missions to grant you access to the restaurant. Once inside, your trial won’t be over yet… But you’ll see, the excellent food will make it worth it.

Princess Heart (Tokyo, Japan). THEME: princesses
If you are one of those girls who wanted princess treatment all their life, you can come here to get just that for a day. Not only will you sit on a throne, you will also be crowned right before being served your meal. There is one golden rule: ladies can bring their gentlemen along, while a man alone will not be allowed in.

A-380 (Taipei, Taiwan). THEME: airplanes
Forget the generally mediocre airplane food, and go try A-380, an exclusive restaurant that looks like a plane, in every single detail. When coming in, you will be given a boarding pass with your table number, your food will be served on plastic trays, and needless to say, waitresses will be dressed as flight attendants. Fasten your seat belts, then, and enjoy your meal!

Cabbages and Condoms (Bangkok, Thailand). THEME: safe sex
On top of featuring an unusual theme, the owners of this restaurant want to foster family planning and STD awareness in Thailand. The tables are surrounded by statues and compositions made of colorful condoms, and when you ask for the bill, it won’t be handed to you with a cookie or some candy, but with a condom, to continue your evening safely.

Alcatraz ER (Tokyo, Japan). THEME: medical jail ward
So, here is how this restaurant works: waitresses are dressed up as nurses, and pace around the place with large syringes filled with tea or coffee. Waiters will put handcuffs on your arms, other men will lock you in a cell, where you can enjoy your meal. Don’t get out of jail without tasting the “brain buster”, which will be served in a skull. Sorry, the recipe is a secret!

Modern Toilet (Taipei, Taiwan). THEME: toilets
The name says it all: a restaurants in which you will sit on a toilet. The dishes on the menu have very funny names, such as “toilet paper” and, even though it feels like it might be very, maybe excessively original for us, it’s one of Taipei’s most popular restaurants!

(The cover photo is from Flickr riNux)

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