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Fashion changes so fast that right when you adapt to a trend, you already have to start getting ready for the next one. Take matcha, for instance: the moment it became mainstream, it saw its leading role get threatened by turmeric. A spice, yes, and a lot more. Thanks to the curcumin it contains, and its anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, turmeric is rightfully considered to be a superfood. We shouldn’t be surprised then, when we see it as an ingredient in all the recipes recommended by wellness lovers, and it also shouldn’t surprise us that the hot drink of the moment is named after the golden color it gets from the turmeric inside it. Golden milk is originally an Ayurvedic drink, so the recipe is nothing newfangled at all, it is actually centuries old – as they say, fashions always come back, over and over. In addition to turmeric, golden milk contains black pepper, vanilla, ashwagandha, cardamom and dates. If you would like to try it, here are some places to find it in our 5 favorite cities.

MILANO – V3RAW Featured in one of our TBS Taste columns, this place is perfect for breakfast or for a snack after some healthy physical activity. The owners designed lots of snacks and smoothies that are just perfect for the sporty people among us, which was how V3RAW became the go-to place in town for wellness lovers!

NY – SPRINGBONE KITCHEN It’s the perfect location to take a break from the Big Apple’s hustle and bustle: you can taste golden milk in broth version here. Just what we wanted as comfort food!

LA – CAFÉ GRATITUDE One of Chiara’s favorite lunch spots, it offers gourmet, sustainable and 100% vegetable-based fare. Their dishes are so tasty that you won’t notice the difference with the traditional versions, and you will want to go back almost every day!

LONDON – NAMA A raw food place in the heart of Notting Hill, and a fantastic spot to try raw food for the first time. Their cakes are irresistible, have a slice of one of them with your golden milk.

PARIS – OATMEAL PARIS A small oasis of peace where you can stop by to read, have a snack and set a different pace to your day, sipping your turmeric milk. Oatmeal Paris’s recipe is beloved and popular, it has been on their menu for over a year! And get ready, because it seems like they might be launching beetroot milk soon…

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