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ristoBon Jovi is one of the most famous rockstars of the last few decades, and he has often shown he has a great heart, as well as musical talent. He actively helped out victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, in New Jersey, by opening two restaurants that offer free meals to anyone who cannot afford to pay the bill. Both of them are called Soul Kitchen, the second location opened just a few days ago. Soul Kitchen’s system makes it possible for everyone to be generous and help: those who can afford it, can choose to make a donation that will finance the restaurant, and those who can’t can donate money can still help out by donating their time, and their labour, both in the kitchen and as servers. It’s a noble project that definitely deserves a visit! Bon Jovi is not the only celebrity who opened a restaurant, though, actually, this is a pretty common endeavor for a lot of them… Although usually not with the same noble motives as Bon Jovi’s! We selected some restaurants set up by actors, singers and international sportspeople. They are all located in the US, and their cuisines range from Mediterranean food to vegan: who wants to try them out?

Soul Kitchen, (Tom River). BON JOVI: typical American fare, in both restaurants.

Southern Hospitality, (New York). JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: mostly specialized in Southern-style steaks.The best barbecue in town, according to some.

40/40 Club, (New York). JAY-Z: though it started out as a bar, it now also has a food menu: it’s a club, a bar and a restaurant, it basically can satisfy your needs at any given time!

Joanne Trattoria, (New York). LADY GAGA: Lady Gaga stayed true to her heritage, and opened a trattoria that offers authentic traditional Italian dishes.

Planet Hollywood, (New York). BRUCE WILLIS, SILVESTER STALLONE, DEMI MOORE: this world-famous restaurant chain’s menu features American cuisine, and its restaurants often have unique interiors, that are often used as movie sets.

TeaNY, (New York). MOBY: as you may have gathered by the name, this one is a bar and restaurant that mostly focuses on tea and coffee. If you are hungry, fear not, there is a large selection of vegan, vegetarian dishes and raw food, as well as beverages!

Tagine, (Beverly Hills). RYAN GOSLING: right in the heart of one of L.A.’s most elegant areas, this restaurant specializes in Moroccan food, thanks to its chef’s influence.

Bongos Cuban Cafe. (Miami, Hollywood, Orlando). GLORIA ESTEFAN: the famous singer left a mark of her Cuban origins in each of her restaurants, that offer authentic traditional dishes and drinks with a South American flair.

Michael Jordan’s Steak House, (New York, Chicago). MICHAEL JORDAN: the great basketball player opened his first restaurant in 1997, his menu features American fare and a large variety of meat-based dishes.

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