Photographic diary of my five days in one of the most beautiful island I’ve ever visited: Kauai.

Diario fotografico dei cinque giorni passati in una delle isole più belle che io abbia mai visitato: Kauai.

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KAUAI, 24th-28th October 2014

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  • I love those pictures, it really shows the Hawaiian nature and everything. Lived there for a few months and also having a blog post about this amazing state! It is great you went to Kauai, and it looked like a lot of fun! 🙂

    Reply to Juliana
  • Complimenti Chiara!! Un’italiana che si è fatta conoscere anche negli States !

    Reply to Marta

    It looks like you had an amazing time! The beach and landscape is just breathtaking and i love the easy laid back outfits too.

    rae of love from berlin

    Reply to rae

    Brilliant photos – such beautiful scenery – I might have missed it, but where is that dress from??? Can you tell us?
    Its fabulous!!
    love Rose

    Reply to Rose

    Wowww.. All pics are amazing!! Looks like you and Andrew had a great time there. Relax and enjoy da beach.

    Reply to PATT
  • You look stunning!! Great post!
    I need to get me to Hawaii soon…
    {new posts daily}

    Reply to Amanda

    the photos look great, can you tell me with which camera they are made?

    Reply to ariane

    So nice of you sharing these beautiful pictures. Hawaii is so phenomenal!!!

    Reply to Filipa Branco
  • Beautiful as always. Saw your shoes in Grazia UK this week – amazing!

    Reply to Nicole
  • What a stunning beach look! Everything suits you!

    Reply to Kira

    bellissimo il bikini nero con gli intrecci davanti, una vera novità

    Reply to michela

    Wow! That beautiful red shirt! And then the black shirt and the festoon! The water seems perfect for swimming, the mountains – for walking, you surely had a fantastic time!

    Reply to valentin antonov

    che invidia Chiara! bellissime le foto, bellissimo il posto e bellissima te!!

    Reply to Beatrice

    Lovely place! now I want to visit so bad.
    You look amazing btw, only A can take out that smile from you that its a natural smile of happines and love.

    Reply to From Mexico

    Lovely place! now I want to visit so bad.
    You look amazing btw, only A can take out that smile from you that its a natural smile of happines and love.

    Reply to From Mexico
  • Pictures look so good, Hawaii are a heaven on earth x


    Reply to Maja
  • Beautiful and breathtaking pictures. And I love love love your sunglasses. All of them. Plx gief!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

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  • What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. One of my favorite places in the world. I have only been to the Big Island, but I heard that Maui and Kauai are amazing.

    Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.


    Reply to Sofia
  • Quante belle foto Chiara! E’ molto bello il tuo modo di condividere il tuo mondo con noi!
    Tu ed Andrew state molto bene insieme, siete proprio carini!

    Quanto ai tuoi look, penso che il bikini con il top a rete non sia adatto al tuo fisico così filiforme, mentre quello con il top arancio con zip ti sta benissimo!

    Frances D of http://www.theshadowsonthestreet.com

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  • Wow that island looks amazing!! I also love so many pieces of your outfits, that cut out bikini top, the heart-tshirt, that striped dress and I could go on and on 😉

    Looks like you had a wonderful time there!


    Reply to Yara Miora
  • What a gorgeous photo diary! Hawaii looks absolutely stunning. I hope I can visit this beautiful place one day.


    Reply to Avanti

    I am beyond envious! I have been to Hawaii twice, and yet I would love to return; shame it is rather far from London!

    I particularly love the shots with the sun behind you.


    Reply to Olga
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