Is there a design brand more across-the-board than Kartell? Its products are appreciated by many different generations, thanks to its contemporary and versatile touch. Its attitude is beloved by younger people, that actually are the focus of the new Kartell project: Crossing Generations.


The goal? Use a language that embraces many different forms of artistic and communication expressions, creating a dialogue with younger generations, that already have established an amazing relationship with Kartell’s aestethic, to offer new interpretive points of view. To be honest, if there’s anything that get along well with Kartell’s dynamic, smart and transforming spirit, that’s the young people energy!


For Milano Design Week, Kartell Flaghsip store, located in via Turati, turns into an art gallery where “Kartell for young” ideas are exposed and represented through special installations. 10 artists, from art, music, design and fashion universe, will talk about this new Kartell project: stylist Diletta Bonaiuti; entrepreneur Marie-Louise Sciò; Fabrica designers; artist Ignasi Monreal; jewellery designer Madina Visconti Di Modrone; the music couple Mara Maionchi and Lorenzo Licitra; fashion designer Marcelo Burlon; the never-seen-before duo composed by designe expert Cristina Morozzi and its youtuber niece Sofia Viscardi; the social account Sciuraglam and, finally, young chinese designer Xiang Guan.


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