When words fail, sometimes movie characters speak for us. One of the very first Instagram account to start this new trend is @moviequotes, the best place on this social network where to find amazing quotes from TV series, cartoons and of course movies. Thanks to its more than 36o thousands follower base, it became so popular with its catchy, fun and sometimes dramatic quotes that it rose to fame even between celebrities. Nicholas, the mind behind Movie Quotes, told us everything in this interview.


When and why did you decide to create Movie Quotes profile?

I created the profile about 3 years ago. It used to be dedicated to the tv show “American Horror Story”, which is one of my favorite series. I wanted to share my passion with some other people, a wider audience to share ideas and opinions with. After a couple of months, I found quite restrictive posting about just one show. I’ve always been passionate for cinema, so I decided to turn my account into a Movie one, in order to share my love for films and tv shows. In that way, I had the opportunity to talk about my favourite movies and shows, sharing their best quotes.


When did your posts become so popular? 

I think last year my account started growing more than usual. I felt like people could relate more about the quotes and posts I used to share, so from that moment I started getting quite good audience. I think it was also because of some celebrities who started following me. This made me get even more motivated to post daily and improve my account day by day.


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People on Instagram regram your posts to comment situations, events… Why do you think it’s easier and better to use movie quotes to express an opinion?

I sometimes think that movie quotes express our feelings better than we can. I believe that everyone has that movie/tv show he can relate so much to. Cinema in general has the power to reproduce daily moments that everyone can picture himself in, so it’s so much easier for us to use movie quotes to express what we think.


What do you love the most: movies, tv series, cartoons…?

I’m actually a huge fan of tv series. Literally, I can consider myself an addict. I grew up with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Friends”, “Xena the Warrior Princess”, “Smallville”… I think my passion for tv series started there. I also grew up with movies and cartoons of course, I’m particularly in love with Tim Burton movies. But if I had to pick, I would choose tv series as I just mentioned. I guess it’s because they have several seasons, which makes me excited every time an episode comes out.


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Which quotes are the most popular? 

Lately I feel like people enjoy more the quotes from the tv serie “The End of the F***ing World.” As far as I’m concerned, I think that it’s one of the most loved series this year, that’s why its quotes get really popular. But I’ve also noticed that people enjoy more Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio movies. “For obvious reasons” I’d say!


Which is the quote that got more reactions?

The quote that got more reaction was one from the movie “The Notebook”, which got more than 21,000 likes. I was really happy because that was my favorite quote from the whole movie, so I’m glad so many people could relate to it as much as I could.


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How do you find you inspirations for your quotes? Does Instagram inspire you in your everyday work?

My inspiration comes for the several movies I watch during the week. For instance, I often go to the cinema, and right after the movie I feel like posting some of the quotes I enjoyed the most. The same happens with tv series. That’s why I enjoy managing a “multifandom account”, I would say. I can express my feelings through many quotes taken from different sources, which I usually call “masterpieces”, as they truly made me feel something deep. Instagram also covers an important role in that. Thanks to the hashtags and the explore section, I can see new quotes from movies I didn’t know anything about, and that makes me discover new sources and masterpieces to watch.


Do you remember a quote from a fashion inspired movie or series?

Well, I don’t wanna sound obvious or anything, but the first movie that came in mind reading this question was “The Devil wears Prada”. I watched it like 10 times (not joking) as Maryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses. That movie is so full of fashion quotes, but the most iconic one according to me was: “Now Chanel… You’re in desperate need of Chanel.”


Which movies/tv series are you waiting for to create some new amazing quotes?

There are so many actually. Now, I look forward to watching “13 Reasons Why” season 2. I remember posting many quotes from this tv show, and honestly I can’t wait to post more. As the first season gave me so much inspiration and things to think about, I’m quite confident the following season will give me the same, if not more.

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