Next movie to watch? If you still haven’t, we suggest you to watch Wonder, based on the novel by R.J. Palacio. It’s about August Pullman, a boy with a rare medical facial deformity called Treacher Collins syndrome. Due to 27 surgeries, Auggie had been home-schooled by his mother Isabel (Julia Roberts), but as Auggie is approaching middle school age, she and her husband Nate (Owen Wilson) decide to enroll him in a private school, for the start of middle school.


It’s a big change for all the family, that since that moment had completely change its lifestyle depending on Auggie’s disease. At first, Auggie is ostracized by nearly all the studens, but soon he will be able to find many friends and be appreciated by them.



Why do we love it? Because it’s a story that deals with extreme sensitivity crucial problem in the teenage years like bullying, self-acceptance, fear against what we don’t know…but especially how our inner beauty makes us unique and special.



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