Are you planning a trip to New York and you don’t know where to eat? We selected for you 5 of the best restaurants in town. Enjoy!

ABC Restaurant in New York

ABC Kitchen
This is the perfect place to stay if you are in New York and also one of the coolest: it’s situated in the middle of the town and offers you good service and organic food in a great ambience and decor.
Address: 35 east 18th street
TBS ♥: fashion is not only clothes, shoes and bags…but also healthy life!

Balthazar Restaurant New York

Balthazar Restaurant
Soho is probably the most inspirational area in New York. There, you can find art galleries, trendy clubs and vintage shops.. and also a place with a  great french cousine nearby Broadway.
Address: 80 Spring Street
TBS ♥: if you have the chance to have a bit of Paris in New York, what are you waiting for?

Catch Restaurant New York

It is situated in the heart of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. It’s strange but so original to find a contemporary seafood restaurant in the neighborhood where many years ago all the butchers were located.
Address: 121 Ninth Avenue
TBS ♥: it’s quite easy to find a good meat plate in NYC, but if you have a restaurant dedicated to seafood, don’t hesitate let yourself throw into it.

la esquina Restaurant New York
La Esquina
You are walking down the street, a bit hungry but you don’t know exactly what do you want to eat? La Esquina with its typical Mexican food is the answer! Its looks like a classical fastfood, but when you have the chance to go in… you’ll be catapulted in an other dimension… or in another country!
Address: 114 Kenmare
TBS ♥: you always need tapas, tequila and margarita in your life. Latin-American atmosphere, is always a good idea.

the WAVERLY INN restaurant New YOrk

The Waverly Inn
This place is kinda magic. The Waverly Inn counts models, movie stars and singers as regulars. Here you can find American food: we recommend you the brunch menu! Also, the internals of the restaurant are real art. You can get delicious food watching Edward Sorel works, the famous and well-knowed New York illustrator.
Address: 16 Bank St
TBS ♥: it’s time now to get some typical New York style food, not junk food. So, brunch menu for me, please!


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