Sometimes we only need a new perspective. And if the new view is spectacular, everything has a new taste. That’s why The Blonde Salad, for the spring-summer 2018 collections photo-shoot, chose the place with the best panorama of the city: Hotel VIU Milan!


With seven stages, Hotel VIU Milan offers a breath-taking view of the city. This five stars hotel, in fact, is the home to Milan’s very first hotel-rooftop pool and it offers a 360-degree view on the city. It’s surrounded by a chic stone terrace, dotted with sun loungers and alfresco seating, details that make it a true paradise corner in a typical urban setting.

We scheduled our photo-shoot on a hot and sunny day, and the Hotel VIU Milan’s rooftop pool immediately became the perfect background for our new amazing collections. In between shots on pool floats with our amazing bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, we didn’t realize it was already sunset time.

When the sun comes down, in Milan it’s aperitivo time! We dressed up with our most beautiful dresses (made by The Blonde Salad, of course!) and we spent an “over the top” night, drinking tasty cocktails and chilling with some music played by the best DJs in town.

At the end of this day, it was so hard to say goodbye to Hotel VIU Milan! Its gorgeous rooftop, in fact, is only one of the amazing details that make this building so interesting. Vertical gardens that surround the 124 rooms with plants like jasmine, ivy, climbing roses, clematis, and wisteria, decorate the facades, made in sustainable wood, metal, and bronze-plated glass.


Luckily, we have so many pictures that remember us that magical day at the Hotel VIU Milan! You can take a look at them too, in the gallery below!




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