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Composit - Beauty BooksA proper bookshelf should have some beauty themed books. Here are a couple of good reasons why. One: you’ll learn many many things. Two: beauty books are always remarkable design accessories. Illustrated volumes are worth being displayed! Now, on a more serious note, many women have recently published must-have bestseller beauty books. These are our 5 favorites.

Face Paint, Lisa Eldridge. Make up artist extraordinaire and Lancôme Creative Director, Lisa revisits the history of make up, from ancient times to modern days, meeting figures of the likes of Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette. She also summarized the content of her book in a video/tutorial you can’t miss!

Pretty Honest, Sali Hughes. Our beauty bible. Sali, columnist of The Guardian and The Pool, is the best friend you can ask all your beauty questions to from now on. She addresses every topic, from the choice of the perfect foundation to the experience of going to a beauty counter, with spirit and wit.

Make Up, Michelle Phan. Among the most famous beauty creators (on YouTube), Michelle tells her beauty and style secrets to on and offline success. Make Up encloses simple and original tutorials addressed to everyone, in addition to ricebunny‘s story (her nickname) and her stellar career.

The Little Book of Skin Care, Charlotte Cho. The guide to all Korean beauty secrets. A book that focuses on skin care routine suggestions, accompanied by amusing illustrations. We like it because it’s perfect even for beginners and it features tips and step-by-step tutorials.

Makeup Manual, Bobbi Brown. You can consider this volume a classic. We’ve chosen this particular one but, truth is, all books published by Bobbi Brown should be on this list! Makeup Manual is the makeup guide for dummies: following the instructions you’ll become a makeup expert in the blink of an eye!

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