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Nope, hippies did not go extinct at the end of the 1970s, some free souls still roam the Earth, and their travels are more interesting than yours. Young or adult, there is no difference: every one of them shares the same rebellious, anticonformist, and free attitude. With time, flower children became an inspiration for everybody and everything, from fashion to music, to lifestyle. Their travel itineraries are the most sought after! So if you feel a hippie or want to be one, or you want a free spirit travel experience, here are 5 destinations we chose for you!

Bisbee, Arizona
The US, the cradle of the hippie movement, couldn’t not have a symbol city. Bisbee is considered to have the highest concentration of hippies in the country. The relaxed lifestyle and the many artists living here are impressive!

El Bolsón, Argentina
From the US to South America to land in El Bolsón, a small Argentinian city that over time became the secret haven of hippies from all over the world. It certainly helps that the views are amazing and nature untouched. Overall, a true introspective trip.

Kathmandu, Nepal
The capital city of this Asian country has welcomed a huge number of hippie tourists over the years, as it offers them the quiet and peace they really need. The temples all over the city center will be your favorite spot.

Goa, India
Goa is probably the most famous destination for this kind of tourism. India in general is the perfect place if you want to spend time relaxing, away from the chaos. And there’s more: many experts say that Goa is the last “hippie paradise”. What more can we say if not “pack your bags”!

Tulum, Mexico
Back to the Americas and more specifically to Tulum, the popular Mexican tourist spot. Hippies state they can really find themselves and their lost energies here, thanks to the proximity with nature and to the super relaxed population!




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  • Old Freak Street’s history and plum position in the heart of Kathmandu still makes it a popular destination among the locals. Once labeled as being a place to find enlightenment, a lot of things have transformed since the deportation of the hippies in the early 1970s.

    This place is now just a mythical magnet for hippies and other social variants of the 1960s. Cheap guest houses, trekking agencies, shopping centres, souvenir shops, restaurants are the businesses the local entrepreneurs have adopted after banning of the cannabis in Nepal. Overshadowed by the glamour of Thamel, a primary tourist area in Kathmandu, Old Freak Street has not been able to revive its charm among the tourists since then.

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