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“I like traveling safely, avoiding turbulence… And I am so scared of flying so high!” Haven’t we all had this kind of conversation with someone who sees it that way? People who talk like that are also usually those who say that traveling by train makes them feel safer and more stable than on the plane. In some ways, they are right: there are no air pockets when you travel by train, and seeing the landscape from the window is very reassuring, that is all true. This might also be what you think, too, but wait until you see the photos in this gallery: just stop thinking that traveling by train is not adventuroussome routes are truly incredible! Some tracks cross waterways, others snake up mountains, and some even cross incredibly dry deserts. Of course, some itineraries will expose you to unique scenery and incomparable landscapes… But still, sometimes, they are just very scary!

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  • I think you forgot about one really spectacular – norwegian Flåmsbana and rail route from Oslo to Bergen. Those two are everything! 🙂

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