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Today is a special day: it is the opening day of YOU – THE DIGITAL FASHION REVOLUTION, the exhibition curated by TBS with Grazia, which showcases the revolution of influencers in the world of communication, fashion, luxury and photography. It will be an interactive journey with you, our readers, right at its heart with us, at the center of all the things that changed in the real world, as well as in virtual reality. From the birth of street style photography at the end of 20th century, to the rise of influencers like Chiara, YOU will guide your discovery of everything you need to know – and then some. If you want to take a peek at the exhibition’s content, go grab a copy of Grazia, which features a special feature on influencers and their online and offline role.
So come visit the Triennale Museum in Milan, its Hall of Honor to be precise. The event is starting tomorrow, October 7, and will run until October 13. It is actually more than just an exhibition: it will also be a chance to participate in multiple activities and (free) workshops that will reveal all the secrets of our craft to you. You can’t miss them!


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