3eeCuriosity is essential, at TBS, and trying new stuff is a thing for us. A few days ago, while discussing our summer plans in the newsroom, somebody mentioned Glamping: the word rang a bell for some of us, but it was also completely new to lots of us. What is it all about, then? As the word says, Glamping is a glamorous way to go camping. It’s the evolution of camping, and it works both for adults and for younger people who want to try a new experience, one that is in between wild camping and the comfortable experience of finding a bed instead of an inflatable mattress at the end of the day. So, finally, the time has come — even for those who really are not into the idea of sleeping in a tent — to enjoy nature and fresh air, enjoying the clean air, falling asleep, while looking at the stars. We read up on this for you and tried to find the best spots for going Glamping, in different locations ranging from hillside, to seaside and up in the mountains. Did we manage to convince you? Look at the gallery and pick the place that works best for your budget… And make a reservation!

8 Responses to “Glamping: the 10 coolest places to try camping’s more comfortable incarnation”

    Come visit us in Playa Viva, thanks for including us in this list.

    Reply to David Leventhal
  • I’ve been to the Garden Village Bled, it was beautiful :).

    Reply to Ella

    Ho fatto un glamping in Tanzania! Stupendo!!!

    Reply to Carmela
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