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Our holidays are very important, and they should be just perfect in every possible way, from location to sightseeing options… and your hotel should also be great! The hotel you pick can make a difference, especially if you go on holiday to kick back and relax, if you’re a couple on your honeymoon, looking for a totally romantic setting, or if you’re parents, and you’re taking a well-deserved break after dropping the little ones at grandma’s. Most hotels satisfy this kind of need, however, some hotels specifically choose to open their doors to over-18 guests only. How do you find the idea? Tell us in the comments!

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6 Responses to “Go for total relaxation in hotels for over-18-year-olds only”

    It’s the best way to relax on holiday!! All the times that I go on holiday I go in adults only accomodations!!😉😍

    Reply to Eleonora

    I find this idea to be… the best idea ever. As DINKs, being subjected to child noises on vacation when we would otherwise have zero at Home is a significant deterrent to vacationing anywhere but Airbnb (where we can guarantee the absence of the Little Devils).

    I would preferentially choose hotels over Airbnb/other hotels on this “amenity” alone.

    Reply to Danny
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