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Here is another riddle: are you ready? You’ll have to hop back in time a little, though, back to the time you were in school. What if I mention Italo Calvino to you? Does that ring any bells? Don’t go check on Wikipedia right away, come on… We are talking about The Baron in The Trees, of course, teenager Cosimo’s story: after an argument with his father, Cosimo, the main character in the book, decides to climb up a tree, and stay there for life. I don’t know about you, but I often felt like doing the same!

Well, no sooner said than done: it might be the novel’s influence, it might be that weird is popular, either way, a lot of entrepreneurs in hospitality have decided to satisfy our secret wishes, building amazing tree houses with every confort, and in all sorts of amazing places, immersed in wonderful green areas. As you can see in the gallery, Northern Italy is a clear winner here, so after spending your summer in the south, now is a good time to make your way up North!

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