Travel, especially summer holidays, is one of the most awaited events in everyone’s lives. Most people go for relaxation and trying to break the usual routine of neverending emails and phone calls. But some people also find adrenaline in engaging unusual activities. For instance, by staying in the oddest places in the world. You could spend a night at the museums, or sleep where history took place. We collected 8 options to choose from for spending the night in amazing places.

A night in the desert. In a tent, on the dunes, under the stars: wouldn’t this experience rock everyone’s heart? You can try this in Peru, in Paracas natural reserve, where the sea meets the desert, or also in Rajasthan, India, or in Jordan.

A night at the lighthouse. Like in the most romantic films you can think of, it is possible to sleep in an ancient lighthouse on the coastline of Istria, one of Croatia’s most beautiful regions. The lighthouse doesn’t have electricity, and if you need a hot shower, you will have to go to the nearby private island of Levan.

A night on the trees. This is everyone’s childhood dream, right? Sleeping in a treehouse! There’s a resort just for this in Ella, Sri Lanka, called 98 Acres. The natural environment around it is amazing, and includes tea plantations and waterfalls .The treehouse resort is complete with all the comfort you might need, to have a complete wellness experience.

A night at the museum. It can be spent in the Antonini Archeological museum in Nazca, Peru. It’s one of the best museums in the country and has very knowledgeable guides that will introduce you to Peruvian culture. You can sleep in the comfy rooms that were vacated by researchers — and don’t miss the botanical garden, a true oasis in the desert, featuring plants and exotic animals.

A night on the water. Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam is part of the UNESCO list of universal heritage, thanks to its unique landscape of 2000 islands. You will be able to explore it on a boat, and live on the water like the inhabitants of these fisherman villages, immersed in untouched nature.

A night in history. Cartorange is an excellent tour operator for this kind of trip, for those of you who want to get in touch with local history and culture. Any examples? In Albania, in Argirocastro, also called the city of stone, you can sleep in the kule, the old ottoman tower-houses. In Uzbekistan, you could spend the night in a former madrasa (Quranic school) that has now been reconverted into a hotel. In Portugal, you can stay in the typical pousadas and plunge into the local culture. CartOrange also recommends a stay in Palacio do Freixo in Porto. This palace was built in the 19th century and is one of the best examples of colonial Portuguese architecture — its facade was listed as a national treasure in 1910. The location of the hotel is spectacular, with a view on the Douro river, and the spa is perfect for relaxing at the end of a day of exploration.

A night like the locals. Let’s be honest: behaving and living like local people should be a priority for all tourists. This is why you can stay in ryokans in Japan: these are small, traditional houses, furnished with tatami and futon, where you will be welcomed with tea, and that usually feature a traditional Ofuro, the typical cypress-wood bath. Another very popular experience is sleeping in a casa particular in Cuba. These are houses where you can be hosted by a local family, that only deals with a few tourists at a time, and shares their daily life with you… So you can catch the real essence of travel.

A night with a view. Nothing is more romantic, and nothing gives you a better buzz, than a breathtaking view. There are many in this world, but these are really worth it: one is The View, in Oman, a sustainable hotel perfectly integrated in the mountains of Jabal Shams. You will want to go on a wonderful trek right when you see it! And we could not forget a resort in Machu Picchu, Peru. Belmont Sanctuary Lodge, overlooking the famous ruins, redefines the concept of a room with a view — you can’t miss it!

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