Which are the coolest drinks for the summer? There’s a plenty of choice between healthy drinks, yummy smoothies and teas with unbelievable flavours, but a cool brreze that is perfect for our summer Instagram posts. Discover with us which are the most fashionable drinks!




Bubble Tea

It was 2017 hot news and Bubble tea doesn’t want to leave us any sooner. Get ready to satisfy your thirst with this magical Taiwanese drink that matches tea, milk or coffee with tapioca or popping bubbles. Are you already thinking which is the best shades match for your Instagram feed?




Cheese Tea

In Italy is not very well known, but if you’re going to spend some time in Asia this summer, you have to try Cheese Tea. Yes, you heard it well. It’s a mix between black or green tea withour any sugar and some creamy cheese that sweeten its bitter flavour. If you’ll taste it, let us know!



When we think about summer, smoothies are always our first thinking. This year forget about chocolate or cream and experience some new tastes with fruit, vegetable milks, coconut water and healthy sweetener like stevia or coconut sugar.




Latte: macha, rosΓ©, goldenΒ  and mermaid!

Even in summer, it’s not easy to have breakfast without a hot drink. But cappuccino, in the Instagram era, is not so fashionable anymore. Let’s have a croissant, then with some colorful latte! Green macha, light blue mermaid, golden yellow and rosΓ© pink, they are the perfect hot drinks that will give some colorful vibes to your summer. If temperatures are too hot, no worries: you can always order a cold latte!





In summer, vitamins are vital to get through sunny and hot days. Season after season, fruit and vegetable juices are always the best to satisfy our thirst in a healthy way. Waiting to wear our favourite bikini, let’s try some detox recipes: cucumbers, lemons, ginger and green apples are great to prepare yourself for the summer.

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