Is there a room for art on Instagram? Absolutely! @the.pinklemonade, the Instagram account that collects all the best visual ispirations on the web, is here to prove it. The mind behind it is Francesco Vullo, a graphic designer and artist, is the mind behind it and he hopes to bring The PinkLemonade experience also in the real world. Here’s what he told us in this interview.


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How did you start @the.pinklemonade project? Why did you choose this name?

I started The PinkLemonade in february 2016, by chance. As a graphic designer and artist, I used Instagram as a way to share my work. I used to repost images and works from other artists that inspired me in some way, but, even if I always mentioned the artist clearly, the artwork paternity was often confused. To avoid any misundertandings, I opened this parallel profile, in which I exclusively share images that I find interesting from an artistic and communicative point of view. The name as its history. In that time, I discovered an indie rock band called The Wombats and one of their most famous song was Pink Lemonade. I loved its sound, it was perfect. The name contributed to create a strong identity and to represent a whole imagery, that includes lifestyle and art.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

Mind-blowing, colored, unpredictable, contemporary, pop.


In your profile images, art mixes to pop and commercial concepts, such as food, money, fashion… Tell us more about that.

I love to create connections, relationships between different concepts that are quite in tune with the page identity.  In this way, The PinkLemonade becomes a tale through images about contemporaneity, its expressive forms, its faces, its trends, its obsessions. It’s a daily dose of inspiration where art and lifestyle are the main ingredients.



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Why did you chose Instagram for this project?

I think Instagram is the perfect medium to create a project like this because it’s the best social network where to share images and photos. It’s an etraordinary instrument because it allow us to reach people from all over the world. The PinkLemonade expresses itself through images, it doesn’t need anything more.



What does inspire you everyday? How Instagram influence you?

Instagram has a huge influence, especially when I search contents. I choose the images I post according to my personal taste and the emotions they make me feel. I find inspirations in many things: an exotic landscape, an artwork, a tattoo, an event. There aren’t rules. If I find something visually stimulating, I share it.



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Can you suggest us 3 Instagram accounts to follow?

@fra_vullo, @the.bluelemonade and @popmyeyes.


Where do you like to bring The PinkLemonade in the future?

I would like to take it in the real world as a concept store dedicated to art, design and the whole imagery that makes this project unique.

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