Two weeks traveling in Vietnam.
Two weeks in which I took a break from everything: from the blog, from emails, from outfit photos, from makeup, from fancy clothes, from combing my hair.
Two weeks in which my eyes never really closed, and my mind never stopped learning.
Two weeks on the go using all kind of transportations: car, sleeping bus, motorbike, van, plane, boat, cruise.
Two weeks of discoveries, laughs, crying, satisfactions and disappointments. Two weeks of black and white moments, but fulfilled with all kind of colours.
Two weeks spent with old friends and with a new special person, who took most of these photos using both digital and analogic camera.
Here is the visual diary of these two weeks in Vietnam spent between Hanoi, Hoian, Mui Ne, Ho Chi Minh and Phu Quoc Island, plus everything in between.
You can find the other posts already published about Vietnam here, here, here and here. Enjoy and let me know your opinions.

Due settimane di viaggio in Vietnam.
Due settimane di pausa da tutto: dal blog, dalle email di lavoro, dalle foto di outfit, dal makeup, dai vestiti firmati e dalla spazzola per i capelli.
Due settimane in cui i miei occhi non si sono mai chiusi veramente, in cui la mia mente non ha mai smesso di imparare.
Due settimane sempre in giro usando tutti i possibili mezzi: macchina, sleeping bus, motorino, traghetto, van, aereo, nave, crociera.
Due settimane di scoperte, risate, pianti, soddisfazioni e delusioni. Due settimane in bianco e nero, ma anche invase dal colore.
Due settimane passate con amici di vecchia data, e con una nuova persona speciale, che ha scattato quasi tutte queste fotografie usando sia la macchina digitale che quella analogica.
Ecco il visual diary di queste due settimane passate in giro in Vietnam tra Hanoi, Hoian, Mui Ne, Ho Chi Minh e Phu Quoc island, più tutti i luoghi nel mezzo.
Potete trovare gli altri post già pubblicati sul Vietnam qui, qui, qui e qui. Enjoy e fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate.


Vietnam, 4th-18th August 2013

Photos by Andrew Arthur

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  • Brilliant blog there! I really like Vietnam. Thanks for sharing those great pictures and useful information.

    Reply to Joost

    Amazing photos Vietnam is truly a beautiful place.

    Reply to Ed

    i am leave for vietnam next week and these photos make me even more excited! I love the dress you wear at phu quoc – where is it from?!

    Reply to

    Love this post 🙂 going to Vietnam in April and was looking for some clothes inspo … very cool 🙂

    Reply to Mari

    What the hell , is an analogic camera ? Are you sure ” The Blonde Salad” , is the best name for you? Something more appropriate , might be ,” The Blonde Rocket Scientist ” !

    Reply to BSD

    So you came to picturesque Vietnam and had a pile of photos taken of yourself in various stages of posing and then you posted them on a blog.


    Reply to Bob
  • great pictures lady 🙂

    and you look a way better without that “model posing open mouth face” 😉

    Reply to jessie

    Wow those pictures brought out a lot of memories. I miss Vietnam so much. I hope you had an awesome trip, and that you’ll visit again 🙂

    Reply to Anna

    Thos pictures are amaizing. I saw many from you blogwhi i really like but for me those one are the best!! After that i wish to go to Vietnam too

    Reply to Marlene

    This was such a beautiful write-up as well as the photo set. I think you’ve captured some of the true beauties of Vietnam, the people and the culture. Thanks for sharing!

    Love Van,

    Reply to Van

    I was stationed in Vietnam in 1967 and 68. It’s beautiful. The coast, the country side, and the highlands, are all shimmering with an almost impossible assortment of different shades of green. Particularly during the monsoon. It’s an unforgettable place. And the people, even though it was war torn when I was there, are full of life.

    Reply to Dave Wheeler

    Love my country so much.
    Very like your style. 🙂

    Reply to Sang
  • Gosh! Cannot believe you visited our country only one month ago. These photos are awesome & thanks for bringing Viet Nam’s beautiful image to the world. Love your blog.

    Reply to Aout

    “Two weeks in which I took a break from everything: from the blog, from emails, from outfit photos, from makeup, from fancy clothes, from combing my hair.”

    Reply to Mata

    Eu gosto bem mais da Chiara destas fotos do que daquela das fotos de Richie. Definitivamente você não precisa dele.

    Desculpe pelos comentários repicados.

    Reply to Cinderela

    Agoar sim, podes dizer, esta é você! Linda verdadeira Chiara.

    Reply to Cinderela

    A melhor maneira de encontrar a si mesmo, é despir-se de si mesmo. Lindas fotos. Espero que tenha valido a pena! A vida vai além do que se pode ver. Um beijo Chiara.

    Reply to Cinderela

    molto belle. consola sapere che i capelli che hai solitamente sono il risultato di spazzola e phon e che anche i tuoi son belli crespi in vacanza!

    Reply to bianca
  • Love the photos, so amazing. Its refreshing to see such a beautiful blogger strip herself of all the makeup, fashion, etc and just enjoy her traveling. Love your wild hair and that arm band. What a wonderful trip! xx

    Reply to AWolfinChicClothing
  • Chiara,

    Your blog used to be my favorite…I would wake up each morning, settle in with my coffee/tea, and catch up on your adventures. I must say, your blog has changed a lot over the past few months. I fell in love with your blog because I loved how…human…your photos were and how personal your posts were. I got to see your relationship with handsome Richie grow everyday, I got to see you two take Matilda to the lake on long weekends, I’d see you and Richie travel/adventure with your friends, got to see you and Richie move in together and decorate a home. All while you looked great doing it (I love your style). Things have changed so much on the blog. It feels very commercial…I fell in love with your blog because of how much you let us all into your life, but now it feels very cold. I like this post much more than the ones you’ve been posting lately, because it reminds me of how the blog used to be… but this kind of post from you is so rare now. Andrew is a great photographer, but things just do not feel the same.

    Reply to Lena

    Richie’s photographs were an important part of your success and he just gets cast to the side now that he is not useful to corporate chiara? aside from this post, your photographs are now mostly visually appealing but generic. What made you a success was your chiara-ness that came through in richie’s photographs of you. Now you are just another model.

    Reply to

    I visit your blog every day but barely leave a comment, I really love your outfit and your style. I am glad to see you have a amazing trip in Vietnam and thanks for a lot of beautiful pictures of my country. Love you Chiara

    Reply to ngocanh_nguyen
  • Dammit, Chiara these photos are simply mindblowing.

    Do you really want me to spend ALL day on your blog? Because we both know that’s going to happen.
    It just always looks like you are not trying. That is real beauty.

    Yours truly, Comtesse Sofia

    Reply to Comtesse Sofia

    im glad that you liked my country:) I love every pic of this. Please come again someday. Btw Im live in Hanoi

    Reply to nghieminha

    Thank you for sharing your memories with us! Great to see you like this!

    Reply to Villie

    Questo Andrew è fantastico, pubblica più foto con lui, la gente critica perchè fa fatica a rinunciare a ciò a cui è abituata, allora tu abituali!!!Good luck for your love <3

    Reply to Sara

    Le foto sono qualcosa di meraviglioso! Bravissimo Andrew 🙂 E bellissima te!

    Reply to Francesca92

    Foto veramente bellissime e tu sembri quasi una ragazza normale…piu simpatica 🙂

    Reply to Rossana
  • These photos are so incredibly beautiful and really capture how stunning both you and Vietnam are. I recently visited Vietnam and it is such an incredible country. These photo’s make me want to go back so bad.
    Love Alana

    Reply to Alana
  • breathtaking photos! would love to hear more about your photographer, he’s done an amazing job!

    Katie x

    Reply to Katie
  • Wauw Chiara, what à breathtaking adventure! You desirved it after so much hard work!
    I hope you show more of these Photos when you go on à trip.

    Goodluck and I wish you all the best!

    Kind regards,
    Stefanie Look

    Reply to Stefanie Look

    chiara c’è gente, tipo me, che pagherebbe per avere UNA PAUSA DAL TUO TIPO DI “STRESS”. ps. con affetto, quindi checcazzo ti lamenti.

    Reply to sam_m

    Such beautiful photos!! What kind of camera do you use? Is it a professional photographer?

    Reply to Mari carmen
  • you always have the most amazing pics :>
    check out my latest post:fashionglow.ro/?p=3412

    Reply to Khloe Lo

    Uno dei post più belli che tu abbia mai pubblicato!complimenti!

    Reply to Laura
  • Wow So inspiring !!!!! you make me wanna go to Vietnam so bad !!!!! 🙂 xx

    Reply to manon
  • What a touching and powerful photo diary, Chiara! I love the raw emotion that was captured between everyone. You expressed genuine happiness and respect for my parents’ home country and its people. You see, it’s been 20 years since I first stepped foot in Vietnam (to meet my mom’s side of the family for the first time) and you brought back so many memories through this post.

    I read your blog a lot, but hardly ever comment and did so because you showed that it’s not always about the outfits! Also, you could’ve picked anywhere you wanted to go and that fact that you chose Vietnam and shared tons of photos of your trip with your readers warms my heart. Thank you! XO!

    Reply to Huong

    Spettacolare! Foto incredibili, grazie Chiara per aver condiviso con le tue fan questa bellissima esperienza. Nonostante io rimanga un’accanita fan di Richi, ti auguro tutta la felicità di questo mondo 🙂

    Reply to Gloria

    Spettacolare! Foto incredibili, grazie Chiara per aver condiviso con le tue fan questa bellissima esperienza. Nonostante io rimanga un’accanita fan di Richi, ti auguro tutta la felicità di questo mondo 🙂

    Reply to Gloria

    Those photos are breathtaking and absolutely amazing! The photographer captured some really great moods and moments… awesome…

    Reply to Franni Flash

    Just have to say, those photos are amazing!
    Is a break for the photos with make up and poses (that are beautiful to but I prefer those!)!
    Love it really love it!


    Reply to Alicia M

    Your new special person is… ugly . And looks really calculating, watch it, Chiara!

    Reply to dzambule

    thank you for sharing these amazing and breathtaking pictures! andrew is hugely talented and i wish you both all the best.

    Reply to Annie

    absolutely loved looking at every single picture! they’re all incredible, and you still manage to look gorgeous and perfectly styled. makes me so excited to travel 🙂

    Reply to Sasha

    At first I didn’t like you and Andrew together but now, after your words and his photo on IG, I wish you all the best. I love your lifestyle Chiara! Go on!

    Is It All About Fashion?

    Reply to Martina

    I didnt see you away from the blog for two weeks!!! Very nice photos but very fake everything that you write

    Reply to Dana

    I really love this post Chiara. Your travel experiences were wrapped with genuine which makes it so appealing to us. The styling was also effortlessly gorgeous and relevant to many of us

    Reply to Anna
  • great photos! love you chiara!


    Reply to Idalia
  • woww chiara im actually so impressed with all the photos. its amazing!! you did it once again but better! def your my role model!! im thinking about buying a new camera that can shoot photos like yours and start posting them. thats my dream. im not that tall at all but i love taking photos of nature and me with any ideas. wish i could be you, so ill try the best. thank you for posting something diferent this time! im glad you spend a great trip with lots of new thing, ideas, adventures and most importantly something that had learn! thankyou again for making this moment so magic and inspiring for me! love you chiara. hope you the best, always!!!! never change (by the way take a look on page please, i would love to know your opinion)

    Reply to ana daniela (mexico)
  • Your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful I drank in every picture and was just mesmerised by their beauty, such an incredible post your time in Vietnam just looks like the most perfect dream xo

    Reply to Grandy

    Where is Richie ??you look great together :(.

    Reply to jagoo
  • Beautiful Photos! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!!

    Reply to Jenn
  • Foto spettacolari. Amo la tua naturalezza.
    Queste immagini trasmettono emozioni vere.
    Sono certa che chi ti sta fotografando ora ti vuole davvero bene. Ho imparato che solo chi ti conosce nel profondo riesce a fare degli scatti meravigliosi come questi.
    Non c’è trucco che tenga di fronte a queste foto. Mi piaci sempre ma qui mi hai trasmesso quel qualcosa in più!
    Un abbraccio,
    LOvE, V

    Reply to vittoria ottaviano

    The photos are just wonderful. Andrew can catch people souls. Uncomparable. Far better than the old photos. Andrew for life <3

    Reply to Sara

    Complimenti Chiara! Spero di poter fare anch’io un lavoro che mi permetta di viaggiare e conoscere il mondo come te! Ti ammiro! Un bacio

    Reply to Greta
  • Questo report fotografico è meraviglioso… ho viaggiato assieme a te in Vietnam guardando queste incredibili immagini…
    che luoghi meravigliosi hai visto e che bellissime persone…
    il mondo è la cosa più incredibile e bella che abbiano… non dobbiamo rovinarlo e amarlo e cercare di vederlo tutto, assimilando e imparando al massimo!

    Reply to c h i a r a
  • Finalmente queste foto!
    Stupende…complimenti ad Andrew.
    Mi hanno fatto quasi sentire di essere con voi in quel paradiso, conoscere la gente e le loro abitudini.
    Tutti quei colori…

    A quando il bis?
    Ah giusto per le FASHION WEEKS!

    Reply to Alice

    Finalmente queste foto!
    Stupende…complimenti ad Andrew.
    Mi hanno fatto quasi sentire di essere con voi in quel paradiso, conoscere la gente e le loro abitudini.
    Tutti quei colori…

    A quando il bis?
    Ah giusto per le FASHION WEEKS!

    Reply to
  • such beautiful and authentic impressions of my home country, hope you had an amazing time!


    Reply to Huyen
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