Happy birthday, Dua Lipa! The British singer today is turning 23 years old! Since 2015, the year of her debut, she has been the soundtrack of our daily lives with her beautiful songs. We also learned to love her amazing sense of style and her passion for fashion. If you follow The Blonde Salad, you should know how much we love Dua Lipa’s style! Is there a better way to celebrate her unveiling five reasons why we adore her?


She started on Youtube


Every time she talks about her debut, Dua Lipa admits she never had a plan B. To her, the only goal was to become a successful pop star. After living between London and Pristina, her family hometown, she entered in the music biz like many other artists of her generation: uploading some video covers on Youtube. At only 14 years old! In 2015, she signed her first major deal with Warner. Rest is history!


For her sense of style


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Did you know that Dua Lipa has been a model, too? Oh yes, at 18 years old she began a modelling career, while she was working to become a music star. It wasn’t a really successful experience, as she loves to say in interviews, but it helped her to grow up and become the superstar she is today. Her personal style turned her into a fashion icon beloved by luxury brands and fashion magazines. Her fave labels of the moment? Jacquemus e Versace!


She loves her fans

SYDNEY ILY!! 💕 // shot by @pixielevinson

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We don’t see very often international artists to spend a lot of time with their fans. Dua Lipa never renounces to stay with her followers and when she’s on tour she always finds some time for them.


She loves her family


If you follow Dua Lipa on Instagram just like us, you already know the special bond she has with her family. Her father Dukagjin was a singer and he pushed her to pursue a career in the music industry. Her dad, her mother Anesa, her sister Rina and her little brother Gjin are always with her, at concerts and exclusive events.


She’s a friend of Chiara Ferragni

Coffee and catch ups @chiaraferragni 🦋💕✨

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Do you know why we love Dua Lipa? Our muse Chiara Ferragni was the one who makes us fall in love with her! Chiara and Dua are great friends, and they never miss the chance to catch up all around the world every time they can! The last time they met each other was in Los Angeles when Chiara was waiting for Leo. We really look forward to seeing them together very soon, hopefully for some Dua Lipa’s shows in Italy!


Take a look at some of the most beautiful looks of Dua Lipa in the gallery below!



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