Backstreet’s back! In this whole Nineties nostalgia, you were missing Backstreet Boys too, right? We know exactly when this feeling started and we begun to sing their 1997’s Everybody: our muse Chiara maybe was thinking about them, too, when she styled her look with a Backstreet Boys T-shirt!

Wait, we can’t believe you were not a super fan of the Backstreet boys… Well, at that time we we more interested in their pretty faces and their amazing songs, but if we look back at their photos, we have to say the had many many memorable fashion moments! Velvet, python print, leather pants and oversized tracksuits: these were their clothes and accessories, and we can’t say they didn’t keep up with the trends!

Now tell us: who was your fave?


Nick Carter – The cutie

Blond locks, blue eyes…thousands of teenagers all over the world immediately fell in love with him! He was the Backstreet boys’ sweetheart for sure.


Brian Littrell – The teddy bear

How couldn’t you love Brian at first sight? We would have loved to hug and kiss him all the time! And, to be honest, his voice was the most beautiful!


AJ McLean – The bad boy

He was the rebellious member of the group, and the boldest in terms of style! Every outfit was hyper-accessorized: hats, sunglasses and big golden chains were the details that made his style famous.


Kevin Richardson – The wise one

He was the oldest and obviously the mature of the group, that sometimes expressed very deep concepts. But, to be honest, he wasn’t very talkative…


Howie D. – The sensitive one

He didn’t like to be at the center of the stage, but his sweetness and kindness broke so many hearts!

So guys, do you want to turn back to the Nineties as well? Be inspired by our gallery below and by our  Instagram Stories: you’ll discover all the The Blonde Salad clothes and accessories for the ultimate Backstreet girl look!

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