Are you cat lovers? Today is the right day to show your puppy how much you care about! It’s “hug your cat day“, an American celebration that is spreading all over the world! Thanks to these wonderful furry pets, that are so cute! On Instagram celebrities’ cats are real stars, do you want to discover who are the most famous cats on the internet?


🙏 heaven is a place on earth 🙏

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Popstars are mad about cats. The most cat-maniac ever? Of course it’s Katy Perry! She always showed her love for kittens, with her live performances dressed like a cat and her music videos full of kitty-references. And what about her fragrances, Purr and Meow? This is love!



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Her frenemy Taylor Swift, through the years, turned her cats into real celebrities. Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson became even more famous than their alter egos, the main characters of tv series Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order! They were even celebrated in Deadpool 2 movie, where Ryan Reynolds wears a T-shirt with their image on! Do you know with whom Taylor share this passion? With her BFF Gigi Hadid! One day she found a tiny kitten inside a car engine and she decided to adopt her. Cleo, as well, became an Instagram cat star!




Also TayTay’s male BFF couldn’t be obsessed more with cats! We’re talking about Ed Sheeran, that always shares his cats’ pictures on his Instagram account. Do you want to know other popstars who are in love with their cats? Miley Cyrus (she’s in love with every kind of pets, actually!), Ellie Goulding and Kesha!


Daddy's home

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Do you know that Instagram is full of accounts dedicated to hot guys with their cats? Well, we couldn’t resist to follow this trend as well! Our hot guy with cats is…Ian SomerhalderThe Vampire Diaries‘ star is so obsessed with them that he even partecipated to CatCon, the biggest cat lover experience in the world!



Now it’s time to say who is the most famous cat in the internet. Here’s a clue: she’s white, like her famous daddy’s hair…we’re talking about Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld‘s cat. Do you know how this love story began? Choupette was actually the kitten of model Bapstiste Giabiconi, who asked Lagerfeld to take care of her while he was on holiday. When he got back, Choupette didn’t want to leave Karl! The designer celebrated his love for Choupette with many projects, from the makeup line with Shu Uemura to Opel’s calendar and to Karl Lagerfeld’s brand accessories. Where to follow her daily adventures? On her Instagram official account, Choupette’s Diary!




Are you into cats as weel? What are your waiting for? Go and hug your cat immediately and share the best picture of you two on Instagram! While you’re there, don’t forget to watch our stories about the “hug your cat day” on The Blonde Salad Instagram account!

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