Everyday, we should find some good reasons to smile more! Well, today we found you the best one: it’s Smile Power Day! So relax, breath and put the best smile on your face! Today is the perfect day to share it with the whole world!


Do you know that smiling is very healthy? It reduces stress, lowers blood pression, strengthens immune system and boosts circulation. Plus, thanks to a wonderful smile on our face, we can improve our social relationships and be more efficient at work! So, do you need any other good reasons to show us your best smile?


Someone said: “Smile to life and life will smile you back”. It’s like a mantra to our dearest Chiara Ferragni, that everyday spread her positivity, energy and enthusiasm all over her 13 millions followers! When is she all smiles? When she’s with Fedez and Leone!



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When you’re wearing your husband on your tshirt ❤️ #TheBlondeSaladGoesToLondon

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Between a photoshoot and Instagram poses, it’s not very easy to see our fave celebrities and influencers smiling. But even very seriou girls like Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa and Kaia Gerber, sometimes, are all smiles!


I know it's Wednesday 😝 Outside @albertaferretti show 💁🏼

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the 1st pic is how i feel about 90 million of you! lots of love 🌹🤪❤️

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When you stop what you're doing and laugh with your best friends ❤️

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Do you need more smiles today? We have all the smiles in the world for you, actually! Don’t miss our gallery below, with the best celebrity smiles!


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