As the number one fashion influencer in the world, Chiara Ferragni is a constant inspiration for her 13 million followers all over the world. We can experience her daily life, her family times, her memorable outfits and all the goals she reaches as a businesswoman through her Instagram posts every day.


Have you ever wondered who Chiara Ferragni follows on Instagram? Like every one of us, she loves to be inspired by celebritiesinfluencers or girls that make their life so special, sharing with them energy, positivity, and empowerment. We already suggested you five amazing girls she loves to follow on Instagram, today we’re telling you a bit more about other beautiful girls!




Bruna Marquezine


She has a quite famous boyfriend: the soccer player Neymar! But the beautiful Bruna Marquezine is more than that: she’s an actress and also a model. Designers love to dress her at red carpet events, while fashion magazines want her on their covers. She still has a little fan base (“only” 29k followers): a very good reason why you should start to follow her and get to know her fabulous life!



only for cool people

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selfie perdida

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🦋 @versace

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Helen Owen


“Based in LA but living elsewhere”: this caption tells everything about this beauty called Helen Owen! Her “official” job is swimwear model, but since her Instagram account turned famous she became a lifestyle & travel influencer, thanks to her beautiful blog where she writes everything about her trips and vacations all around the world. We love her positivity and energy: take a look at her account to realize how she faces every day with a smile on her face. What about her sense of style? We love her outfits!






Jessica Jung

#antibes , why are you so romantic? 💛🎠

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Jessica Jung is probably one of the most important Korean influencers in the world. She became famous as the singer of pop band Girls’ Generation, but also a TV star starring in her own reality show with her sister Krystal. After quitting the group in 2014, she started a solo career: she even interpreted the Korean version of the Legally Blonde inspired musical! If you love street style fashion photography, you must have noticed her outside fashion shows’ venues. She’s actually a regular in the front row of Chanel and Fendi‘s catwalk shows!



Life is rosier in Paris🌷 🕶➗@blancandeclare_official

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Natasha Oakley


Take me back to the start ♥️

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She’s beautiful, smart and talented. Behind her blue eyes and her blonde locks, Natasha Oakley hides a true soul of a businesswoman! With her friend and business partner Devin Brugman she founded in 2010 the blog A bikini a day, better known today as The Swim Report. After this experience, they founded the Monday Swimwear brand. This gorgeous bombshell is a champion of self-acceptance. Just to remember us that #BodyShamingIsForLosers!





Thassia Naves


Among the Instagirls that Chiara follows, there’s another Brazilian beauty! We’re talking about Thassia Naves, one of the most influential digital fashion players to come out of South America. Like our dearest Chiara Ferragni, she was included in the BOF 500! She shares her “globetrotting in the name of fashion and new discoveries” through her 3 million followers Instagram account, posting her pictures as front-rower and brand ambassador!





Quinta, sua linda! 💙💚💛 Bom dia! #backhome #thassiastyle

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