japIf you thought that fashion week month was finished after Paris, you were most definitely wrong. There are lots of cities everywhere that don’t want to give up on having their very own fashion week. Fair enough, right? One of these cities is Tokyo, whose fashion week should not be underestimated. The shows there were very interesting, especially for men’s fashion, and we picked three designers to introduce you to. They might not be world-famous yet, but this is a good way to take a look at what’s up in Japan, and open our minds to a different perspective.

This brand was founded by Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato in 2009, and its main feature is unisex street fashion. In their latest, quirky collection, they had the fun idea to make everything oversize. And we mean everything.
TBS ♥ : their minimalistic combination of fresh ideas and character.

Hanae Mori Manuscript.
Hanae Mori and Yu Amatsu started their brand in 2014. Their vision is a perfect union between East and West, very cutting edge, yet classical.
TBS ♥: their chic and extremely delicate femininity.

Keita Maruyama.
This designer started her career in the mid-90s, as a freelance costume designer for actors and musicians, then moved onto starting her own brand. Her Fall-Winter 2016 collection, taking its cue from dark starry skies, is dark and girly at the same time, with a small Chinese touch. Gwen Stefani, Japan’s number one fan, absolutely loved it.
TSB ♥: her cutting edge, kaleidoscopic adventure.



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