who-1Luca Lin and Galib Gassanoff are the designers behind Act n°1: a melting pot of Chinese, Italian, and Georgian culture, to tell their stories and their pasts through drawings, ancient Chinese art, and Azeri craftsmanship.


Their products have a strong story behind them – one that is filled with memories, traditions, and a high cultural value. Every piece blends their cultures with Italian couture, and is the result of handcrafting, embroidery, prints, and precious materials such as Chinese silks, wool, velvet and denim. The final result is a unique collection: coats that turn into dresses, deconstructed shirts, uneven, oversize pieces that result perfect for fashion lovers and the eccentric.

Their vision of womanhood is a complete novelty and pieces like these are unheard of in other collections. Their style has a much-appreciated peculiarity: even before knowing the stories of the designers, you can definitely tell that their designs, the choice of fabrics and colors are never without reason – knowing that each choice is part of their DNA makes them all the more special and unique!

The silhouettes they propose are all we want in our closets right now: a tension between precious and cool, made to impress, but also perfectly fitting to match a pair of jeans to wear while walking down the street. This is what we call perfection! Act n°1’s multicultural taste makes it a brand to keep an eye on – it’s not easy to find unique, quality products like these – especially when they are so trendy! Their oversize coats are a dream made reality: plenty of ribbons, details, and accessories… we can’t wait for the fall to come to start our shopping!

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