Alessandra Rich, an Italian designer based in London, has a story to tell: after growing tired of her routine-filled days as a real estate agent, she decided to reinvent long dresses, and the way they should be worn. This is how she started her career as a designer in 2010, becoming the queen of lace, and creating her very own niche in the fashion world, positioning herself among the coolest brands right now.


Her collections are mainly characterized by long gowns, lace, volants and other details that look irresistible to the feminine eye. Every new season, Alessandra stays true to the silhouette that represents her, developing new clothing items, such as coats, skirts, tops and accessories made of precious fabrics and materials, all in excellent quality.


If you are looking to be original and you seek clothing with a strong identity when choosing your looks, this is the right brand for you, because Alessandra Rich doesn’t follow the trends or brands of the moment: she imagines a certain kind of woman, and tells this woman’s story through her creations.


Every single one of her dresses is filled with romanticism, femininity and delicacy… They are all true works of art! We wouldn’t be able to choose our favorite season, because her every single look book sends us straight into a daydream…. What we can tell you, though, is that over the more recent seasons, the brand became cooler and cooler, without losing its typical, more characteristic traits. If you haven’t yet had a look at her Fall Winter 2017-2018 collection, go and do so: you will realize the force of her message, and you will want to own every single item you see.

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