Svetlana Bevza, Ukrainian designer, known for her minimalist style. She created her brand, Bevza, to promote the superiority and complexity of the color white, and to promote a strong, pure and clean attitude.


White clothing is he must-have of her collection, but that is not all: there are also clean lines, utterly sophisticated cuts, fresh colors, high-quality tailoring and materials, garments with a strong identity, and femininity with a masculine touch. And let’s not forget the main player of all her collection: the truly enchanting light that allows her style’s typical colors to really shine.


If you are looking for a sophisticated, city-friendly look, that gives you a strong, yet sensitive and delicate image, Bevza is the brand for you. If we had to think of a story behind her creations, we would imagine a young, mysterious woman, perhaps an undercover spy, with a secret passion for art and poetry… Now who wouldn’t like to have such an image?


We discovered the brand thanks to the photos of the latest Fall Winter 2017-2018 collection, which we are really crazy about. Their aesthetics make us think back to the women of the great minimalist brands of the 1990s, only in a more contemporary and cooler version: total leather looks, monochrome co-ords, broad shoulders, prints and our favorite, reinvented classics. Only a few can manage to invent something new by modifying the characteristic traits of a garment, and even fewer manage to do so with such remarkable results. Bevza, if you ask us… You did it!


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