Everyday basics+a few more sensual, yet simple, cool items. This concept is what made American Apparel a symbolic brand of Californian fashion, making it the go-to place for all those who were looking for basic, quality, yet affordable clothing. Slowly, though, things started going wrong, with the founder getting into more and more trouble because of sexist advertising campaigns and a very questionable policy on sizing. While all this was happening, quality also started dropping, and prices started increasing — until losses became bigger than profits, and the brand announced it was closing down forever. This came as a small shock for the numerous lovers of American Apparel monochrome T-shirts, rigorously made in L.A., and for the fans of their evergreen items, who will have to go find evergreens elsewhere. But where? We had a look around, and selected 5 brands that offer basics for excellent prices, with definitely interesting quality levels. Do you already know them? What do you think about them?


Weekday.One of our favorites: T-shirts in virtually any color, extremely cool sweatshirts, plenty of denim items, bomber jackets and a large, ever-changing range of products that includes the coolest pieces of the season.


Cos. This might be the most conceptual of the brands mentioned here, but it still offers plenty of essential items and reasonable value for money. Sensuality is not typical here, but elegance is: all of their items, even the most simple, comes with a unique, sophisticated touch.

Enfold.This Japanese brand kinda reminds us of Cos. Essential basic items that become very sophisticated in their simplicity, designed for young women. If you are looking for something original, yet refined, this is the brand for you.


Base Range. If you want extreme simplicity, but you also want to be super cool, this is the brand you need. A crossover between 1990s Martin Margiela and Yeezy, Base Range surprises with its originality, and its desire to promote the authentic beauty of real women. Their clothing, tailored in organic, quality material, also come in an affordable price range.


Filippa K. With its strongly marked Scandinavian touch, this brand is characterized by essential, simple and quality pieces, with a harmonious mix between design and sportswear that we really love! Do you want to know what one detail we love most of all about this brand? Filippa K allows you to rent any item of her collection for 4 days, for 20% of the original price, in order to promote sustainability without making us all give up on having a cutting edge closet. GENIUS!

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