coverWHO Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi. After meeting at Marangoni fashion school in Milan, they founded the Co|Te brand in 2010. It’s an odd word that means shelter and protection in ancient English, and is the tool used to sharpen blades in Italian. They sought dualism rather contradiction with their name, a dualism that is also to be found in the pair’s personalities and creations, which use innovative materials and details, yet remain easy to wear and are never excessive.

WHAT Daywear, made of T-shirts and lace blouses, skirts and dresses with ruches, and sweatshirts with cartoon characters. Co|Te plays with contrast, while finding uniformity in its fabrics, that are always peculiar and elegant, so much so that they can give a twist even to the most versatile garments, making even the most complex designs utterly wearable.

WHY Because they are Made In Italy‘s new spokespeople, with their extreme care in fabric selection, the great attention they put into silhouettes and details, as well as a fresh, modern approach that makes Co|Te of Italy’s most interesting brands of the new generation.

TBS ♥ Their embroideries, that make even see-through garments wearable during daytime.

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