GP8A2893WHO Our destiny sends us signals in small details, such as an old seal with the carving of a lion that Erika found in a flea market, which later became the symbol of the will — and the possibility — to change, to live our dreams. This is the story of the woman behind Erika Cavallini, a brand founded in 2009, the fruit of the founder’s love of artisan work and excellence made in Italy. The brand combines Italian savoir faire with the founder’s creativity, and her ability to convey emotion through her creations. After years as a creative consultant, Erika Cavallini started her personal project with 12 black dresses, adding new items, season after season, until she reached today’s excellent state of things: one mono-brand shop in Milan, and distribution in 400 stores worldwide.

WHAT Lightweight pajamas and sports clothing — such as bomber jackets — are sartorially re-imagined to create something new and original, keeping them versatile and easily wearable; the designer also makes use of layering and unusual perspectives that dive deep under the surface, to get to the soul of textiles, putting the spotlight on them, on their structure and the imperfections that make any fabric unique.

WHY The almost manic attention to detail, which shows in intentionally unfinished hems with raw fabric, or again, in porthole-like openings in knitwear, that work as windows showing the layers underneath. All these elements remind us of artisan, handmade work, and they are a recognizable feature of the brand.

TBS ♥ The effortlessly chic attitude, which results in a refined, but still natural and spontaneous, elegance in Erika’s clothes. This attitude is exemplified in our must-have garment: pajamas.

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