If there’s something we all learn early on in our lives, it’s that you can’t always get what you want. That’s true, and sometimes it’s best that way, since what we wish for might not be good for us, or may be something that we quickly would tire of, once we get it: as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. It’s also true that we shouldn’t let anything limit our dreams, that we should always do our best, and aim for the stars. What’s wrong with asking for the moon? Even if we never get it, we might at least get sprinkled with a bit of stardust on the way.

Stephen Chi is a good example of aiming high, to be precise, at a place full of elegance, populated by a court of sophisticated ladies, with whom he started Stella Luna – “Star Moon”, in Italian – a shoe brand that conjugates his Chinese family’s long-standing artisanal tradition with European style and culture. He started the company in 2006, and his brand already won the hearts of many fashionistas, especially Parisian ones, who were utterly fascinated by former Numéro and Vogue Paris stylist, now Stella Luna’s creative director Capucine Safyurtlu‘s aesthetic, and his effortless chic taste, so typical of the Ville Lumière– an aesthetic taste that never ceases to make us all non-French a little envious.

This aesthetic translates into booties you can put on without thinking twice every morning, because they will give a cool edge even to the most basic of looks — that golden buckle, hardly goes unnoticed. It also means velvet lace-up booties that can be your passe-partout for those days on which you rush to the office, then to aperitif, then onto dinner. And of course, lest not forget their killer-heel booties, giving you a touch of hot that never hurts. We’re obsessed with booties, you say? Why, yes, maybe. We’re not crying for the moon after all, are we?

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