Kreist is a Polish brand designed by Krzystof Strozyna and our latest brand to follow. Kreist has recently presented their third season, and our favorite so far: their Fall Winter 2017-2018 collection, with basic and easy-to-wear items that have stolen everybody’s heart – including Lady Gaga’s and Gigi Hadid’s.


Their made-in-Europe collection focuses on jeans and on elaborate jackets with unusual cuts which make these clothes as special as they are cool. But there’s more:  we are just in love with the cute, floor length dress with frills – what a unique piece!
Kreist’s clothes are inspired by contemporary art and pop culture, but for their latest collection, they opted for a good balance between old and new, inspired (among others) by  funk music of the 1970s.


It hasn’t been easy to find elaborate clothes with something to say recently, and that make you feel like you’re wearing something precious and special. Kreist’s aesthetics, in between East and West, very feminine while also leaning towards the masculine, is how we would like our image to look like on social media, just as their clothes is what we would like to be in our closets 🙂


After seen the photos of their Fall Winter 2017-2018 collection, it’s hard not to fall in love with this brand. Their coolness makes us want to skip summer and jump straight into Winter! Their vision of the “easy-to-wear” concept is just brilliant. Well done, Kreist, not everybody is as cool as you!

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