34rgWHO GCDS stands for God Can’t Destroy Streetwear (and before that, it stood for Giuro Che Domani Smetto, Italian for I Swear I’ll Quit Tomorrow, a famous party in Naples). GCDS is a luxury streetwear brand that’s managed to get a devoted niche of followers and fans. It was launched 2 years ago by Giuliano Calza, and it already became famous worldwide, thanks to the influencers and celebrities — such as Hailey Baldwin and Rita Ora — who picked it as their brand of reference.

WHAT The collections range from must-have garments, both for men and women, such as embroidered MA1 bomber jackets and semi-see-through body suits decorated with patches, to classic sweatshirts and crop tops, one-piece swimsuits and cushioned socks.

WHY Their strong care for detail and their high quality. The collection is entirely produced in Italy. All items are a reworked versions of pre-existing items both in men and women’s closets, what gives them an edge is the attention to cut and textile quality. This special attention gifts these garments with a modern look that doesn’t give up on comfort.

TBS <3 The obsessive attention with which the logo is reinterpreted every season, which is also the leitmotiv of every collection and their strong connection to the web world: just like TBS, this brand is a digital native which wisely used new technologies as a main tool of communication, especially in its early days. Web power!

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