WHO Tamar Levit and Yaen Levi founded Muslin Brothers in 2011. Based in Tel Aviv and London, the Israeli duo create clothes that are based on the evolution of gender diversity.

WHAT Their collections are a beautiful weave of basic forms and raw elements. Every season, Muslin Brothers choose a theme: the one chosen for their latest collection, named “Fuga”, is the idea of belonging, of “home”. They have a casual style, with an eclectic, fun twist. They structure their silhouettes in a manner that blurs gender identities, since they design them in the same way for men and women.

WHY This pair of young designers share a wish that gets them to achieve something so extraordinary: the wish to give those who buy their garments the chance to interpret them in a completely innovative and creative way, and express their personality through their clothes.

TBS <3  This brand is a true explosion of color, sometimes louder, sometimes more subduded, an underlying fresh and delicate force that makes us think that, as good as it is to always be self-aware, we should also never forget to take things lightly, too, and not be afraid to dare. Thank you Muslin Brothers!

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