Reyina Pyo, from Seoul, based in London. This young designer is one of the biggest talents in fashion right now: she designs effortlessly cool, simple pieces, perfect for the women who will wear her creations in the real world — a concept that we love already.



her collection is a woman’s total look, made of “sleek clothing that attracts attention”, to use Reyina’s own words. Her latest Spring Summer 2017 collection is our favorite: large volumes and bright colors blend with her classic white items made of perfect materials, to create the ideal look for every day. This designer doesn’t believe in specific looks for specific occasions: she wants her clothing to be a part of the daily life of the women who wear them, and wishes for her clothes to stay in the closets of the women who choose them forever.


without trying to design any must-have or trendy items, she managed to attract even more attention on her feminine, abstract and contemporary fashion. We agree with her: it’s time to give space to authentic, real women with a strong personality!


we love the way she is trying to create a young identity, that also comes with coolness and sophistication. The results are so harmonious that we instantly joined her fan club. Thanks Rejina Pyo, for creating the perfect look we would like to wear every day!

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