bey_lemoShe had promised it, and she did it: Beyoncé surpassed herself once again. Lemonade is a short film, shown on HBO on Saturday, just over anhour long. It shows a woman’s darkest hours, involving betrayal and forgiveness, and it denounces once more the hardships lots of African-American people face, the discrimination, as well as the psychological and physical violence, that they are often subjected to. The documentary also features the 12 tracks from her latest album, but that is not at all. The video is also an anthology of style, showcasing multiple looks, such as romantic, gypsy and street styles. Roberto Cavalli by Peter Dundas, Valentino, Neil Barrett, Moschino, Hood by Air… But not only: Beyoncé actually decided to go for lesser known designers too, to highlight her eclectic style and her unwillingness to be tied to just one brand, or one style. Here are three designers you should be watching closely!

Maria Lucia Hohan.
Hailing from Romania, she is considered one of Eastern Europe’s most talented designers. She said, in her biography, that her dream was always to be able to design elegant evening gowns that could also be made accessible to young women, too… And she made it!
TBS ♥: her match of pastel colors and lightweight textiles.

Nicolas Jebran.
Born in Lebanon, where he is still based today, he seems to be a favorite of international celebrities, especially for gala events. His gowns really are the stuff of dreams, which is probably why it is not the first time that Beyonce chooses to work with him for an important event.
TBS ♥: all of us dream of wearing a gown that looks like it comes straight out of Arabian Nights. Right?

Gig Couture.
This Brazilian brand managed to break through very quickly over the last few years, and join the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, drumming up very good reviews from fashion biz insiders. Their collections are made of retro silhouettes with a modern twist, and vibrant colors inspired by the vivid landscapes of Brazil.
TBS ♥: the care they put in their manufacturing, which shows in the knitwear that made them famous, as in their hi-tech generated jacquard patterns.

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