During Milan Fashion Week, the city was packed with fairs that we just couldn’t miss, to get new ideas and discover emerging talents. From Fashion Hub Market,organized by the Italian National Chamber of Fashion, to White, and Super, there were so many new brands to discover, brands we didn’t know and that really impressed us. Here are our three favorites, so you know what to keep an eye for your future investments!

Shushu/ Tong
This brand was founded by Liushu and Yutong Jang in London, but it is based in Shanghai. Their collections are characterized by details that make a difference, such as their sartorial features that can give a luxury touch even to the grungiest of styles.
TBS ♥ Those ever-present little details — whether it’s a bow, a thread, or lace — placed in unexpected spots, in a way that you would never anticipate.


Xu Zhi
This luxury brand is Chinese, based in London. Their vision of aesthetics and artisanal skills is very contemporary, unifying trendiness, femininity, and uniqueness with some surprising key elements. Their garments are impeccably made, and despite looking very simple, they are made with great care.
TBS ♥ from threads to tassels, thanks to Xu Zhi, we are now obsessed with anything that dangles 🙂


Nabil El-Nayal
This designer, whose brand bears his own name, was born in Syria, and relocated to the UK as a teenagers. His love for the Elizabethan style influences his collections, but he also has a lot of attention for technology: he was the first fashion designer to use 3D printers in 2010.
TBS ♥ Their wide sleeves, that can be worn in many different ways, and their 3D embroideries on lace and openwork, giving these a fresh, innovative allure.

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