Cléo and Marie, the mother-daughter pair who are showing everyone on social media that sustainable fashion is the way to go, with weekly flash sales selling out in less than an hour. So what’s their secret? It’s obviously about the challenge of buying one of the few items available every week, but it’s even more about their products and their message making it all even more captivating.

whatTheir Agnès blouse is that top everyone needs to wear in summer: 100% cotton, with wide sleeves and a romantic fit, it’s handmade by Cléo in northern France, like all of their items. This might be their iconic design, but if you look at their Instagram, you will see lots of other clothing, all sharing the same beautiful French silhouette, worn and beloved by girls like Emily Ratajkowski, Leandra Medine and basically all of the Vogue editors in this world!

Their strategy is to offer an exclusive, quality product, only using organic fabrics, like cotton, linen and silk. Believe it or not, they manage to design and offer 20 to 25 items to choose from every single week — all available online, and all handmade. The result of this strategy? All products sell out in less than an hour every week, and a lot of us have to sit and wait until next week!

whyThey want to push the idea of fashion transparency, meaning that all their labels will clearly state production costs, as well as their markup. Choosing honest pricing is a good way to attract customers, showing them that unlike other brands, their markup is not particularly high… Seems like a good reason to follow them and become one of their top clients, doesn’t it?tbs-cuoreTheir story is part of what makes them a super interesting brand for us: Marie, manager at Vestiere Collective, decided to launch her own made in France brand, and asked her mother to help her carry out her plan. Is this mother and daughter team showing a new way for fashion? We think they are, and we are happy to push the trend of buying their new clothes 🙂 We are already queuing up for their online shop opening next Wednesday… Aren’t you?

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