New York fashion week is always very inspirational for us, as fans of new talents. Promoting creativity and young talent and projects is a part of our identity as TheBlondeSalad, all the power to young minds! And to enter our list of favorites, they don’t have to be 100% representative of our style, what matters to us is that they have a distinct identity that sets them apart from everyone else. So, who are these “new” designers we love, that we think you should follow? Here is our top 5!

1-Sies Marjan. This rather new brand is on its third collection, and we are crazy about it, thanks to its relaxed silhouttes and special colors. Fuchsia grabbed the spotlight on social media: to be precise, a total look of fuchsia dress + jacket was what caught our attention. Their palette doesn’t just stop there: so many hues of green, pink, orange, and generally of colors that are bright and “warm”. So, how about you get rid of your greys and blacks next winter, and go for summer colors instead? We say YES!

2. Cinq à Sept.We’ll admit it, we just fell in love with pretty much anything we saw at their show. The designer says their clothing is conceived for special occasions, but honestly, we think it could work on any day of the week! Super romantic dresses, grungy denim items and classic suits are among the looks that this brand offers. Velvet in peculiar colors and jacquard with oriental motifs were the two details that won our hearts. Follow it now!

3. Christopher Esber. This collection is  a mix of revisited basics, with the kind of sleek, sophisticated cuts that we would like to own and wear every day. Simple doesn’t mean incomplete in fashion, quite the opposite actually: if you find the right fabric, simplicity can lend absolute refinement to your style. Our favorite look? The sexiest trench ever, in vinyl-like black. ♥

4. Snow Xue Gao. With their second collection that was presented at the NY Fashion Week, this brand was on the Vfiles catwalk, and the first time around, everyone was crazy about it. Their way of mixing classic and Asian suiting, seen in the coolest possible suits a designer can possibly imagine, is also their trump card: broad shoulders, asymmetric lengths and utterly uncommon shapes… Combined with kimono dresses and shirts with oriental motifs. We really can’t possibly imagine a better blend!

5. Ji Oh. Why invent a new, never-seen-before item, when you can rework a basic one by making it totally special? Taking essentials that are in any closet, and personalizing them through a process of deconstruction is typical Ji Oh. So, why did we like her so much? Well, lots of designers try to deconstruct basics, but the result is usually a product that is impossible to wear. Ji Oh managed to create clothing that can talk to young women who wants to be comfortable and free, without losing in refinement — this is how Ji Oh explained to us what the word “chic” really means.

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