Jeanne Damas, It-Girl and French fashion icon, started Rouje in 2016. She started the brand to dress herself and her friends: very feminine women with a strong personality, who can wear her designs in Paris, as well as on holidays or at work. Parisian women, and their simple, effortless style, are her main inspiration.


Her collection is designed to work every day, for the day and for the night, to always look ready and charming for every occasion. Her items are characterized by vintage prints and designs, monochrome dresses with very sleek cuts, high-waisted pants, silk blouses with retro necklines, and miniskirts — strictly to be worn with red lipstick!


Because Jeanne’s style, and that of her brand, makes us dream of Parisian life, reminding us of the films set on the French riviera: short-sleeved cotton dresses, wicker bags, cat-eye glasses, denim, stripes and polka dots. Who would have thought it so easy to be sophisticated and feminine?


Summer collections are our favorites: they make us think of Jane Birkin, of her photo in the fields, her straw hat on, of her white blouses and her enchanting smile. We feel like teleporting ourselves onto a bench, under a tree on the French riviera, and live the Rouje dream. But what we like best is the unique, clear and original message of this brand: FRENCH GIRL POWER! If you are fans of French women, if you just love their messy hair and their red lips… There is no brand in the world that represents them better. And of course, we are their number 1 fans!

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