Over the last year, the names of some new designers appeared in celebrity tags on our social network accounts. What do we like about them, other than their products? It’s quite simple: we love that they started small, and slowly became successful thanks to their skill, through the value of their work. They remind us that, even if it’s hard to believe at times, there is always space for new creativity in the world of fashion. So, are your curious about the names of the new brands that stole the heart of celebrities? Here is our top 5!

Are you am I. Made in California, this brand is designed by blogger Rumi Neely. It focuses on basic, yet very sensual items for girls that get it! Just as their logo says. Most celebrities could not resist AYAI’s charm, which is why the brand gained popularity so quickly, becoming one of the top brands on social media, especially on Instagram.


GCDS. Streetwear totally rules the world of fashion right now, and this Italian streetwear brand is one of our favorites. A blend of masculine and feminine appeal makes their collections unique and utterly cool: bomber jackets, hoodies and unisex T-shirts with large logos are some of their best sellers! Honestly, really, who doesn’t like their new “Tropical taste” collection? J’ADORE GCDS!


LPA the Label. Reformation’s former designer Lara Pia Arrobio came to L.A. to take over the world of online sales with her collection, designed for cool, self-assured and extremely sexy women. If you haven’t yet seen the messages printed on the labels of her clothing, we really advise you to go and have a look… They became a must on Instagram! ♥. What style she promotes?  California-style, of course!

Nili Lotan. Hailing from Israel based in NYC, Nili Lotan shot to fame with her cami dress, a beautiful, sexy, sophisticated gown that all celebrity girls wear right now! Kendall Jenner’s leopard print version is a favorite, and so is Selena Gomez’s red one… But if you disagree with us, you will find so many, ever-changing alternatives on her website!


Ben Taverniti Unravel Project. “To create something, you must first destroy” is Benjamin Tavernit’s brand’s claim. This luxury brand, that swept everyone off their feet with its deconstructed silhouttes, is fashion’s cool wild child, with its quality items that are made to last: cuts, holes and ribbons rather than buttons and zippers, are only some of the characteristics that best represent their designs. One more case of celebrities getting record numbers of likes on their streetstyle photos, with a little help from B.T.U.P..

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