More than 400.000 followers and 500 posts. Emilife is a real phenomenon on Instagram: his homemade parodies of celebrities outfits gained headlines on italian and foreign press…and also Cara Delevingne! Di you know that Chiara Ferragni is one of his fave muses? Discover more about him in our interview.

Hello Emanuele, tell us how you started your Instagram profile.

I registered on Instagram four years ago because I wanted to share my creativity and get in touch with more people. At the beiginning I had fun posting funny photos or collages, then I started making parodies of popular people, using wigs. This kind of posts was very appreciated by my followers, that increased in a short time. Due years ago I decide to focus on celebrities outfits completely made by me. When Instagram launched Stories, I got more and more in touch with the people who follow me…they even tag me on celebrities looks images, asking me to make their dresses!

What inspired your posts?

My posts are very spontaneous, I get inspired by my fave influencer and celebrites Instagram accounts, even by things I have a home. I want to speak loud about that: all my looks are completely recreated with products I find in the fridge, in the pantry or in the broom closet, and they self destruct minutes after I take the photo! Obviously, I get inspired also big events, such as the latest Grammy Awards.

Do you remember the post that made your account so popular?

Cara Delevingne’s Valerian premiere outfit, for sure. Since she regrammed my homemade versione of her look, my account boomed. But Chiara Ferragni as well is one of the most liked celebrities.

Actually we noticed she’s a constant inspiration for you… Why do you like her?

Because she had the foresight to understand how web and social media could be relevanti in the future. Her look inspire me so much because she’s the only italian celeb to dress in such a fancy and crazy way. Chiara is a phenomenon right now and her outifts parodies give me the opportunity to reach more people with whom I can share my creativity.

Are you already thinking about the next Chiara’s outfit to recreate?

Giambattista Valli’s pink gown, that she wore for Hola editorial, was amazing… I already have some ideas, but I need to study more on it. I want to recreate the same wow effect…or even more!

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