The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of the TV series that have a special place in our hearts. It’s been almost 30 years since the first episode aired, we were just kids and grew older, while Will Smith, the “Fresh Prince”, is still the same…well, we think it’s enough to have a bit of nostalgia.

In this whole Nineties revival that is taking place, especially in fashion, we couldn’t take a look back at Willy’s iconic style, full of retro references and extravagant tips that could help all the fashionistas out there looking for a jaw dropping look.


Could we ever forget his floral blazer, actually nothing more than his school uniform jacket turned inside out? Nope, same for ethnic prints blazer, Mondrian style shirts, oversize tracksuits with chunky Nike sneakers and broad-shouldered jackets. Do there remind you something? Of course, to all the fashion pieces that guys, and also girls, love to wear in 2018.

Actually, Willy wasn’t the only one to show some fashion moments. The one and only fashionista was Hilary, Willy’s frivolous and spoiled cousin. How could we forget her amazing ensembles à la Chanel, declined in every shades and every prints, perfectly matched with hats?

The balance to Willy’s ghetto-cool style was his cousing Carlton, that we obviously remember more for his dance moves than his outfits. But his argyle and pastel shades sweaters made history, at least for Nineties preppy style.

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