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It’s finally official: the third, long awaited instalment of the Bridget Jones movie series — featuring the slightly scatterbrained blonde we all came to love — will be released this autumn. The new movie’s official trailer is hilarious, and it points to more trouble and problems in the English girl’s lovelife. This time she is in real trouble: she got pregnant, only, she doesn’t know who the dad is! Well, all we can say is… nothing ever seems to work out for her! Anyway, we are rooting for her, like always, also because she is one of us; we share, or shared, the same problems that everyone faces when growing up, from constantly being a singleton to our neverending fight with scales. To celebrate the release of the film, here are ten moments told in ten GIFs, for those times we all felt like Bridget Jones: from when we say random things to the guy we like, to when ice cream feels like our one and only friend. Which are the moments that speak to you?

1. When your parents call, and it is most definitely not a good time.

2. When you finally decide to go to the gym, but karma is always against you.
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3. When you drown your sorrows in alcohol.

4. When you think you are gracefully skiing down a slope, but reality doesn’t exactly match your expectations.

5. When the guy you like finally talks to you, and you are totally drunk so you just end up saying random stuff!

6. When in the kitchen, you are much better at eating than cooking.
tumblr_lh28rs9ddy1qcginx (1)

7. When you realise that your underwear drawer’s content definitely needs revamping.

8. When your ice cream is your BFF.

9. When you dress up sexy, and end up at a party full of altar boys.

10. When the only way to vent for the day (the week? The month? The year?) is singing, singing alone at home like there is no tomorrow.

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